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     Almost one hundred years ago, in the year 1919, Louis A. Freda started hand engraving brass dies for clients in his hometown of New York City. He called his new venture United Engraving. For nearly 20 years Louis serviced his clients and nurtured the business. Before the dawn of WWII, he made the decision to expand into the world of printing for himself and purchased a single 1918-model German manufactured press. After the end of WWII, he made another wise move by selling the engraving division in order to concentrate on the success of the printing division. The company name was changed to United Seal & Tag Label Co. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the business continued to grow and in 1967, his son Louis G. Freda and grandson Robert G. Freda moved from Texas back to New York City to work in the company. Shortly thereafter, the company was relocated to Oceanside on Long Island.

     Louis A. retired in 1986, passing the reigns to his son Louis G. Louis G. ran the company until he retired in 1995 and moved to sunny Florida. Louis G.’s son Robert stepped up to fill his father’s role, thereby continuing the Freda family legacy into its third generation of ownership. During a visit to his parents in July 1995, Robert was inspired to relocate the company to sunny Florida. In July the following year, Robert and the team moved the entire company to Port Charlotte FL. Within two weeks the company was back up and running, never missing a beat.

     In May 2017, Robert retired and passed the company on to new ownership. The new owners come from a similar family legacy of entrepreneurs and look forward to taking what Louis A. Freda began so long ago into its second century. The company was relocated in a few short days from Port Charlotte to a 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Minneapolis.

     Today, United Seal & Tag Label Co. caters to jewelry manufacturers, department stores and big box retailers. Operating a mix of old and new presses, including: Mark Andy, Shiki, Superior and Keese & Gerlach presses, we provide our clients with a wide range of labels and tags such as:

Specialized Jewelry Labels - rattails and dumbbells

Pressure Sensitive Labels - permanent as well as removable adhesive

String Tags- with either elastic or pearlray string

Pre-printed Barcodes – including consecutively numbered

Printing– up to 4 colors on paper, tagboard, plastic and overlaminate

Hotstamping – up to 4 colors on paper, tagboard, plastic and overlaminate